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Should You Lose Weight Before Starting a New Relationship?

People break up for numerous reasons. Usually, it is about some issues between partners, dissatisfaction, or simply different values. Anyways, when a person leaves one union, over time, they feel lonely and start thinking about getting back into the dating scene. And if a person was told many times in previous relationships that they are unattractive or fat, they may suffer from low self-esteem and feel uncomfortable with their appearance. Thus, they believe that it is a great idea to change themselves first before looking for a new partner. They hope to create a wow-effect to win a decent person over. However, usually, the problem is not about excessive weight itself but rather low self-esteem. Thus, before you study snapsext review and start getting acquainted with new people, you should work on yourself.

1. End your previous relationship

The thing that you have moved to another apartment or changed the status on a social network doesn’t mean that everything is over. You cannot forget about issues in a second. If you want to lose weight to prove something to your ex or show them what they have lost, it is a bad strategy. You should love yourself and want these changes. Take your time and move at your pace. If you don't get over the previous relationships, new ones will bring only problems.

2. Heal your mental wounds

Breaking up is a trauma for both parties involved. It doesn't matter who the initiator was, why you broke up, whether there is any reason for joy and relief. Being brave and pretending you don't care is not the best choice. You cannot heal your mental wounds by ignoring the problem. You should start with basic needs. First, you should deal with sleep issues and regulate your diet. A well-tailored regime will help you recover faster and lose some weight as well. After that, you can look for new hobbies and activities.

3. Work on self-esteem

You may doubt your attractiveness, scold yourself for not being able to keep the relationship, feel guilty. Such feelings make you vulnerable. You can go on a strict diet to start a new love affair ASAP and prove everyone around that you are still attractive. Or on the contrary, you can torment yourself with diets because you are afraid that nobody will have a crush on you.
Often, people suffer from the fear of loneliness, the inability to live without someone's support. Such fears are irrational for the most part and can be easily overcome when communicating with a psychologist. You should realize that you can always find a more suitable partner if you love and accept yourself.

4. Learn to be single

You could somehow give in to the ex-partner and give up your desires and habits. Loneliness is a great opportunity to get back to the original version of yourself. You cannot reset your personality to the basic settings, and it is not necessary: you have matured, gained experience, and changed. Now you can afford to decide on your desires, plans, and aspirations without regard to the opinion of others. Do you really hate your weight and want to lose it? If yes, then you should deal with it to feel more comfortable.
You should take care of your well-being, career, and health first. If a person is successful and independent, they will increase their chances to meet a worthy partner. So, it is best to live alone for a while and strengthen your position. And you shouldn’t reject all meetings since they provide a great emotional boost, even if they don't lead to a relationship.

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